Hack, switch and streamline with the experts at Open Community Lab.

When is a remix a revolution? 

If you aren’t familiar with the background of Open Community Lab, In\progress will gladly fill you in. Open Community Lab is a unique, enterprising mix of professionals from a sheer multiplex of backgrounds and they are raring to hack, switch, fix, solve and streamline anything from exhibitions to digital outlooks. Anything with the customer at it’s centre to create a unified and enjoyable user experience at it’s heart. 


Open Community Lab is an evolution of Museomix UK (MMUK) which first hit Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust in twenty-thirteen. MMUK was a satellite of Museomix France and Museomix’s core ethos was to “remix” and redesign the whole user experience of a museum visitor. Imagine a museum experience that is enhanced via Google Glass, Occulus VR, Google Cardboard, biomimetic design or reacts to the speed of your heart rate, a wave of a hand. Sounds a bit wild doesn’t it? It’s not, it’s all very real (check out the Historic Royal Palace’s for their own beating heart in their Lost Palaces exhibiton). Museums are doing cool stuff these days.

MMUK at Derby Silk Mill Museum even had a robotic version of participants in Canada taking participants on a tour of their respective museums! OCL takes the MMUK ethos and condenses it into a higher impact space with a wider focus.

In August twenty-sixteen Open Community Lab held a two-day Kids Remix at Birmingham Open Media and Impact Hub (BOM). BOM aims to intersect the spheres of the arts, technology and science in a mixture of public and private partnerships, uniquely in the heart of Birmingham. OCL and Birmingham Open Media and Impact hub armed with scissors, glue and enough craft supplies to sink a ship devised a program where children who dropped in could design their own mixed-media games and develop them in a mixture of digital and traditional formats.

The remix was a resounding hit with children from Birmingham’s locality dropping in steadily from ten o’clock in the morning over the two days. Open Community Lab, Birmingham Open Media and Impact Hub, the Kids Remix sponsors and the event’s volunteers proved that cutting edge concepts can be borne out of the freedom of fun provided by modern day technology and the curiosity of children.

Open Community Lab is still looking for people who’d love to participate in Remix the Ship at HMS Belfast 2017. Follow @OCL_Community and @MarDixon (Mar Dixon dot com) on Twitter for more information!

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