We don’t just communicate. We challenge.

In/progress is run by Diana Pearce. She’s a jack of all trades with a mixed bag of media, scientific and educational experience. Diana has been a runner for radio/TV, written in a journalistic capacity for science/museums/music/education, is a qualified ecologist with a CAL Ltd qualification from the people who take the BBC up trees and is a trainee teacher, qualifying in 2018.

Creating dynamic prose and social media for tech, science, museums and education is one thing, but what exactly are In/progress’ aims? They are simple:

  • To push forward the progressive development of all sectors together.
  • To challenge the views presented to us by mainstream media.
  • Talk about feasible innovations emerging within the three sectors.
  • Promote collaborative research/events/strategy.
  • To write about people/organisations who have a unique outlook

So, what can we say? If you’ve got something interesting, tell us at In/progress. She’d happily get on-board any project that seeks to push boundaries.

E: weareinprogresssite@gmail.com / Tweet: @weareinprogress